Upcoming Theatre Shows (2018)

Deadline day for uni has finally passed! That means that my 2018 has now officially started (and I can go back to feeling a bit more human). So, I decided that the best way to start 2018 off on a good note was to let you guys know what exciting shows I’ve already booked for myself.

I will admit that one reason for this blog coming out so far into January is because I’ve only just stopped booking for myself, but some of these shows were scheduled last year or two years ago… basically, 2018 has been a long time in the making. I’m incredibly excited for all of them, but I will include little write-ups about each one as to why I booked them. I’ve also included trailers and ticket links (click the show name) where possible so please enjoy these shows as much as I do!

I’m hoping and expecting that this list won’t be identical to my ‘2018 wrap up’ theatre blog at the end of the year because I’m sure that other shows will come up throughout the year. However, the shows below are the ones I already know I have coming up.

So, I hope you guys have had a lovely new year and here is to start 2018 off in the best way possible.

January 2018

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Panto): Chepstow Drill Hall

  • I have actually already seen this show in support of two friends of mine who are part of the company. I will admit that I never go to pantomimes mainly because they usually just don’t fit my sense of humour, so I really was going alone in support. However, Jon Stow’s Dame character (Nanny Know-It-All) made the whole experience far more enjoyable than I thought it would be thanks to his smooth blend of sarcastic and child-friendly, slap-stick humour. It made the entire experience a treat to watch.

Julius CeaserNational Theatre

February 2018

The Grinning Man: Trafalgar Studios, London

  • This show is my treat for this year. There is no reason for me to not see this show. I’m currently writing a dissertation on Victor Hugo’s more famous disabled character, Quasimodo, but as I’m a massive fan of Hugo’s The Man Who Laughs I’m probably going to give Gwynplaine a mention. Also, I’m a massive nerd for puppetry on stage, and the puppetry of this show has received nothing but rave reviews, so this is one show I’m ecstatic to go and support. I seriously jumped up and down after booking this show (and it’s not even the only time that’s happened for a show on this list).

March 2018

Sunset Boulevard(UK Tour): Wales Millenium Centre

    • This show is going to be very interesting for me. I booked this purely for my mum as it’s one of her favourite shows. I have absolutely no clue what to expect going into this. I’ve heard a couple of the songs on musical theatre compilation albums, and I’ve liked them, so I’m hoping that this will be an enjoyable, exciting experience.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (UK Tour): Newport, Riverfront

    • Anyone who knows me will know how ecstatic I am to see this come to my hometown. For anyone who doesn’t a good indicator is that Jekyll is my nickname because of how well I know this book (and the musical counterpart). While I believe that this is a play adaptation I’m ecstatic to see any adaptation. However, I will be extra critical purely due to my level of knowledge of the book. I’ve already seen a brand new female character in the trailer, so this will undoubtedly be an exciting and surreal watch.

April 2018

Little Shop of Horrors (Newport Operatic Society): Dolman Theatre, Newport

  • Growing up surrounded by Alan Menkin’s music means that Little Shop of Horrors will always be full of nostalgia for me. However, seeing the UK tour a couple of years ago reignited my love for this show. Also, as mentioned several times throughout this blog, the puppetry will always bring me to this show just to see how this company are going to handle it.

May 2018

Lee Mead (10th Anniversary, UK Tour): Riverfront, Newport

June 2018

A Monster Calls: Bristol Old Vic

The Elephant Man: Bristol Old Vic

  • I’m going to cover both The Elephant Man and A Monster Calls in one go here as I booked both of them for the same reasons. This year is apparently turning into my year of blockbusters and experimentation. These will be my first shows at the Bristol Old Vic, and they both involve massive stage challenges, The Monster brought to life by Ness’ writing and Liam Neeson’s voice, and the Elephant Man. However, as The Grinning Man‘s stunning puppetry started at Bristol Old Vic, I’m certainly very excited to see both stories brought to life.

July 2018

War Horse (UK Tour): Wales Millenium Centre

  • As I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge puppetry nerd so how could I not book to see the show which revolutionised stage puppetry. I’ve seen the Joey puppet stationary and up-close as part of the V&A’s ‘Curtain Up’ exhibit but to see it in action, I’m sure, will be magical. Plus, the Topthorn puppet is truly my favourite stage puppet ever. Also, this show will be extremely special to me, among the blockbusters of 2018, as it is my 21st birthday and graduation treat all in one.

September 2018

Evita (UK Tour): Wales Millenium Centre

  • I was lucky enough to catch Emma Hatton as Evita at Cardiff’s New Theatre during 2017. So, I’m excited to see the continuation of the UK Tour with a new Evita in a new venue in Cardiff and see how the show adapts.

November 2018

Wicked (UK Tour): Wales Millenium Centre

  • As soon as I heard Wicked was touring again, I instantly booked tickets. This is actually a theatre trip for my mum’s big birthday this year as Wicked was the first big blockbuster theatre show we saw together and it was the first ever show I saw at the Millenium Centre. I’m sure this one will be as incredible as Wicked always is.

December 2018

War of the Worlds (40th Anniversary UK Tour): Motorpoint Arena

  • Both of the tours coming to Cardiff in December were huge surprises, but I think this one takes the cake. Considering that the previous UK tour was titled the ‘Farewell ThunderChild Tour,’ I thought that I would never see War of the Worlds outside of the two DVDs. However, I’m fortunate that I will see it this year. This show was a hugely formative part of my childhood due to the importance it has for my family so this one will be very emotional indeed.

Matilda (UK Tour): Wales Millenium Centre

  • Matilda is touring! I’m so excited for this as I’ve been continuously torn between going to London or waiting for that tour announcement. I can’t wait to see the beautiful set and story combined with Tim Mitchen’s emotional songs after waiting for so long.

So there we have it. Those are the shows I have booked for 2018, and I will be reviewing them along the way, and I hope you all enjoy reading them. Watch this space for the reviews of these shows.

Happy New Year! (Sorry it’s a bit late…)

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