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Oh hi there! You found me! I’m Vicky and welcome to my little blogging corner of the internet. I’m in my early twenties and I’ve just completed my Masters in English Literature at Cardiff University. As you can probably guess by that alone I love reading, but I adore my feild of Medical Humanities [focusing on the corpse and the ghost in my MA and disabled figures labelled as monsters in my BA] so any classics, thrillers, horror, inclusions of medicine and the law, non-fiction and creepy reads are likely to be instant favourites!

At the moment I’m starting to read for my PhD idea focusing on blood, electrocardiography and execution in nineteenth-and-twentieth-century literature and you can read more about this in the Medical Humanities tab. However, I promise this is not all I read. Now that I’m out of university for the first time I’m catching up on all of the 2018 and 2019 releases I’ve seen all over my favourite Booktube channels. In 2020 I’m going to start writing more book blogs as I go through these releases, and upcoming 2020 releases, as I experiment and discover.

Now I’ve covered the bookish half of this blog, I’ll go into the other half. This website started as a place for me to share my thoughts on musical theatre as watching both the classic shows and new projects is my primary hobby. I will clarify I am nowhere near talented enough to partake in theatre as in singing, dancing or acting but as many shows draw inspiration from literary stories and they all make up a narrative through storytelling I decided to share my perspective on their execution.

Work With Me

I’m always open to new opportunities and the chance to work with both individuals and brands. At this time I do not charge for brand collaborations, however, please be understanding that while I travel between Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and London frequently I will have to take costs into account before accepting. As my time management is very important to me, and I’m often undertaking several things at once, if you could get in touch with as many details as possible, esspecially including dates, I’d be very grateful. I also frequently use Instagram and Twitter so you can either get in touch there, with the form below, or via email: Vickylordreview@gmail.com.

If I agree to review your book or show I will only write my honest opinion. My agreement does not automatically result in a positive review.

My Reviews and Ratings

I rate every show and book I review out of five stars and these are based on my subjective opinion and personal feelings. I will base these opinions on the facts of that specific product. For example, I won’t judge a new production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat based on my opinions of an earlier production other than as a basis to evaluate any major changes or directorial decisions such as the difference between inflatable camels, camel bikes or realistic animatronics. If I do have any previous experience with a show, positive or negative, I will outline this in the opening paragraph. If I am rewatching (or rereading) a classic or production commonly considered to be incredible, Wicked immediatley comes to mind, I will use my own discression in giving it a rating and this will be based on the cast current to the review/production in terms of tours.

All of this is to say that the ratings are entirley my own opinion. This is the rough guide to my feelings which I consider when picking a rating. Please be aware that I’m only human and this list is not always inclusive. There will be times I struggle to pick and I don’t like to use half ratings so in those cases I will do my best to explain my complicated feelings in the blog itself. These may also evolve over time as I plan to be reading and watching shows for even longer than I already have been.

I mostly trust my gut instincts as when I either put the book down or come out of the show and, whilst any adjustments and specifics will be given in the blog itself, I generally follow the Goodreads break down:

  1. It was amazing!
  2. I really liked it.
  3. I liked it.
  4. I thought it was okay.
  5. I really did not like it.

I mostly pick up books and attend shows I have a reason for wanting to see. This means I’m likely to enjoy them as I don’t want to go into something to not like it. A lot of my reviews will be positive but I will always speak on both positives and negatives, or those aspects which may change depending on your experience and perspective, give facts to backup my opinions and engage in discussions with those who have different opinions.

Five Stars

I loved it and I felt such a strong connection to the work that I just need to rave about it from the rooftops. In most cases this will be due to an excellent marriage of plot, character and for musicals, obviously, the music. They are immediate favourites.

Four Stars

This is the most common rating I get as I’m lucky to read so many good books. That is the vital difference. I will often find one major aspect which falls just that little bit short of five stars. For example, there may be a plotpoint which isn’t explored as much as needed, the pacing may disrupt the reading experience, or the characters may be overshadowed by the plot. Other than one larger aspect or just smaller intricacies the book or show as a whole is pretty solid and lovely.

Three Stars

These are not bad books!!! Sorry, I’m very passionate about that. Esspecially as my rankings are based on personal feelings I use this ranking to indicate those books or shows I found were still okay, however, I wouldn’t, for instance, revisit or reread them. If they are your favourites that is great! I want these books to be enjoyed. However, I want to show those books I didn’t connect with or like as much to round out my website and show I don’t just love everything I engage with automitally. I will not tag an author or publisher in a three star review as I’m sensative to their connection to the work, I don’t want to upset them and I understand that some may see three stars as more negative than I have intended it.

I will also have preferences within these rankings. For example I gave Turn of the Key four stars as I just could not ignore those ending pages, but I still loved it and it could make a favoruites list quicker than a five star as it has stayed with me and I conistently think about it.

I hope this all makes sense but if you have any questions bout my rankings I will be happy to have a chat about them.

I hope you enjoy having a look around at the theatre reviews, book reviews, chats about my medical humanities ideas in preparation for my PhD journey (fingers crossed). If you do please consider getting in touch or following any of the social links above.

I will clearly outline in every blog if I was gifted, which includes advanced reader copies and press night tickets as these are given for free in exchange for review, or if I bought the book or tickets myself. No links in any blog are affiliate links and I do not gain anything from purchases made through them.

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