Meet Cute: Literary First Impressions

“An amusing or charming first encounter between two characters that leads to the development of a relationship between them.”

– Meet Cute

Sometimes you can’t wait until you’ve finished a book to talk about it. That’s what this section of my blog is for. For those books with stunning covers, gripping opening chapters, adorable character introductions, and killer opening sentences. These are my first impressions of books that come out swinging immediately.

Meet-Cute: The Life of Crime by Martin Edwards

Welcome to a new series of posts across my blog and Instagram! Sometimes I just want to show off an excellent book cover or talk about my initial thoughts, and other times I just want to get my thoughts down whilst I’m emersed in the book before I’ve already moved on to the next. So…

What Am I Looking For In A Book?

If I hear that a book has an amazing twist, I will want to read it immediately. I love being shocked and surprised by a book so it shouldn’t be surprising that I’m always on the hunt for mysteries and thrillers.

Similarly, my favorite genre of Gothic stories typically includes much of the same features, but I’ll love them even more if they include a ghost or two.

Anything creepy, mysterious, and twisty is going to be in my basket, but I also love historical fiction, dark academia, and a little bit of fantasy.

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