Brand New Website!

Hello, this blog post is very different from anything else which will be on this site. This is just a little update/disclaimer as this website in a continuation and new form of my old one called

Simply due to technical issues my old website no longer exists and so I had to quickly create this one to provide a new home for my writing. However, this means that the links for my old reviews no longer work, however, if anyone reading this would like me to send them a previous review that I’ve done for them I do have a few of them saved onto my UBS drive so I can access and send a few of them around when needed.

I simply chose not to reupload these blogs now because it would be very time consuming and theatre reviews particularly are time-consuming. I may upload them again in the future when I have more time to go through them but, for now, I just wanted to explain that should anyone need a previous review of mine they can get in contact with me and I will be more than happy to send them over.

My contact details will be listed on the ‘Contact Me’ page and also at the end of each of my blogs.

Well, onto the new website. Happy reading!

My business email:

My social media is:

Twitter: @Vickylrd4

Facebook: @Vickylordwriter

Instagram: @vickylrd

You can also view my LinkedIn profile.


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